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Alarm Monitoring FAQ
Providing our customers with efficient alarm response requires more than reliable technologies. The most valuable component of our monitoring service is the highly trained people who respond to and process the alarm events. Chubb Edwards employs dedicated alarm centre staff to ensure alarm, account data and customer follow-up are part of a consistent and effective monitoring program.

Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centres provide 24-hour-a-day, fully staffed monitoring of all types of alarm systems, and are listed by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC). Alarm signals from commercial and residential systems are received via dedicated signal channels or standard telephone lines. Each signal is encoded as to the type of emergency (burglar alarm, personal emergency / hold-up, fire, sprinkler system, etc.) enabling the Centre to instantly notify the proper authorities (police, fire department or other).
How do I identify myself to the Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre?​
  1. ​​​Locate your Chubb Edwards system number located on your passcard.
  2. Be prepared to provide your Chubb Edwards passcard or Chubb Edwards password for individual verification.

Please note: Your Chubb Edwards passcard or Chubb Edwards password is NOT the PIN you utilize to arm and disarm your security system. Your PIN should never be shared with anyone.​​

What is a password or passcard used with the Monitoring Centre?

In order to verify your​ identity to a Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre customer service agent, you need to provide an identifier in the form of a passcard or a password. This is similar to how you require a PIN, an identifier, to access your bank account through an ATM. It is for your protection.


Upon subscribing to Chubb Edwards' monitoring services, you will be assigned a passcard that specifies a prescribed identifier. You can also create your own password. The advantage of a password is that since you create it, it will be easily remembered and more convenient for you when you communicate with the Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre. Since your password is committed to memory, there is no chance that your security will be compromised in the ev​ent you lose your wallet or passcard. Additional or replacement passcards for new or existing users may involve additional cost. There is no charge to establish a password, or to change your password if you forget it.​

What happens when the people on my contact list for alarm event notification change?
It is important to contact Chubb Edwards whenever a change to your contact list occurs. ​
When going out of town or on vacation...
You should notify Chubb Edwards if you would like someone else contacted in your absence if an alarm is received.
If you require a change to your contact list or to your alarm instructions, please follow the steps below:
  1. ​​​Locate your Chubb Edwards system number located on your passcard.
  2. Be prepared to provide your Chubb Edwards passcard or Chubb Edwards password for individual verification.​
  3. Call Chubb Edwards and ask for / select option for Administration. 
  4. The Chubb Edwards Administration Officer will verify your system and passcard/password to confirm you are authorized to create changes on the account.​
What happens when my system’s battery runs down?  Will I be notified that the system may not perform for long?
Your system has two power sources, AC and DC power. AC power is supplied from the premises’ electricity and DC from a battery located within your system. If your battery runs low, we will receive an alarm at the Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre. You will be notified if we receive a low battery signal.

Please note: We will notify you of a low battery at any time of the day, and on any day of the week that we receive the alarm. If you would like to be notified on a low battery alarm during daytime hours only, please contact Chubb Edwards through the contact details listed above.
If the Monitoring Centre’s connection with my supervised line is lost, will I find out?
​If your communication line with Chubb Edwards is supervised, the Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre will receive a Dialer Test Failure Alarm when your Chubb Edwards system fails to communicate.  You will be notified if we receive this Dialer Test Failure Alarm.

Once contacted, a professional from our Monitoring Centre will guide you through the test and diagnosis process.