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Chubb Edwards employs a full team of dedicated service experts. These technical professionals are available to visit your premises for any service requirement you encounter - from extensive repair through preventative maintenance.

We are committed to delivering Service Excellence in keeping your system running as efficiently as possible. Chubb Edwards technicians adhere to rigorously enforced safety standards that often exceed legislated requirements. Working safely benefits everyone.

Fire and security technicians are available across Canada 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To arrange a service call from a Chubb Edwards technician regarding security, please contact Chubb Edwards as listed below:

​Call the Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre (1-800-668-2482​) to place a service call. You will be required to have your passcard available for verification. ​The Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre Operator will generate a Service Work Order and detail the nature of the problem. If the service call is determined to be an emergency, the Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre Operator will dispatch a service technician immediately.

​For non-emergency calls, you will be given a reference number and be advised that a dispatcher will call to arrange an appointment with a Chubb Edwards Technician.

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Many wireless security devices (such as door contacts, window contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors) are powered by lithium batteries. Click Here To Order.