Virtual Guard Tour | Chubb Edwards

We can conduct tours of your facility during working hours to ensure a safe and productive working environment, or after hours to ensure your business is secured. We make sure employees are doing what they should be doing. We can make periodic visits to your site to make sure the facility is secure. Tours can be done on a schedule or randomly. We can customize the tours to meet your specific needs.

Virtual Guard Tours can:
  • Deter criminal activity & create security awareness with
        customized “voice downs”
  • Maintain contact until help arrives
  • Provide assistance for ABM’s, kiosks and gates
  • Reduce reliance on physical guards
  • Provide operational compliance and activity reporting
  • Eliminate response to non-emergency events 
  • Avoid false alarms

Virtual Guard Tours provides an eye witness, real-time account and obtains the highest priority police response as responding authorities are notified of a “visually verified” situation.