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  • Houses with alarm systems are less likely to be broken into.
  • When break-ins do occur in homes with alarms, less property is stolen.
  • Insurance companies typically offer a discount on premiums when a security system has been installed.
Where Burglars enter a house

A survey showed that 81 percent of residential intrusions occur through the first floor. 34 percent of burglars entered through the front door; 23 percent through a first floor window; 22 percent through the back door; 9 percent through the garage; 4 percent through an unlocked entrance; 2 percent through a storage area; and only 2 percent entered anywhere on the second floor. Another study showed that 12 percent of burglaries occurred through an unlocked door and that in 41 percent of alarmed homes that were burglarized, the security system was not turned on.
Source: University study

Police believe Security Systems reduce burglaries

90 percent of police believe alarms deter burglary attempts.
Source: STAT Resources, Inc.

People feel safe with Security Systems

94 percent of alarm owners are satisfied with their alarm systems.
Source: University study