IP Monitoring | Chubb Edwards

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With nearly 20 years of experience in transmitting and receiving alarm signals over computer networks, Chubb Edwards possesses a depth of knowledge that few industry participants can approach.  Chubb Edwards' expertise has delivered a new IP-based high-security monitoring solution, now available for commercial applications in Canada.

The solution adds an IP module to new or existing Chubb AFx control panels, providing a supervised connection among client locations and/or to our monitoring centres.  This allows for network-based exchange of alarm activity, resulting in high-speed, encrypted, cost-effective, reliable communication.  The Chubb Edwards solution retains a standard telephone line or cellular package as a backup form of communication in the event of network outages, planned or otherwise.

Users of the Chubb Edwards IP-based monitoring solution will realize some or all of the following benefits:

  • Improved response times due to a polled, always-on high-speed connection to our Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centre.
  • Cost reduction through the ability to leverage existing network infrastructure and security hardware.
  • Optimal reliability in performance resulting from exhaustive application testing.
  • Adherence to strict network and security standards and targets to ensure fast, reliable and secure connectivity.
  • Ease of operation through integration with familiar alarm, access, video and reporting interfaces.

Chubb Edwards has a wide range of security solutions to meet the needs of any facility, from single apartment suites through large multi-national corporate locations.