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​​​Home Automation - Interactive Services



No matter where you are, Chubb Edwards keeps you close to home with ChubbConnect—our interactive wireless service. Used in conjunction with our ULC-listed alarm monitoring service, ChubbConnect allows you to view your alarm system’s status and monitor activity at your property from virtually anywhere. It’s more than just burglar alarm system information. Watch live and recorded video, remotely arm and disarm your alarm system, set up user codes, and even control your lights and thermostat—all from easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces to complement our professional alarm monitoring service.


Better Security Using Wireless Technology
Utilizing the cellular network, our dedicated wireless signaling receivers provide a connection to our alarm monitoring centre even if an intruder cuts the phone line or disables power. Also, the patented Crash & Smash feature ensures that an entry alarm signal will still be sent if your security system is tampered with during an intrusion.


Mobile Apps
With ChubbConnect apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices, you can connect to your home security system from anywhere. Set up real-time notifications, including text and email alerts, to inform you of alarm system activity that matters to you. Keep track of activity on entry doors, windows, liquor and medicine cabinets, safes, drawers and more.


Energy Management with emPowerTM
Control lights and the temperature of your home through the optional emPowerTM energy management solution. emPowerTM is a simple-to-use tool to enhance your conservation efforts and save on utility bills.


CCTV / Video Monitoring Plans
CCTV / video monitoring plans enable you to see real-time video of your property from virtually anywhere. Use optional security cameras inside to check on children and pets or point them outside to see activity on your property. Review saved video from our secure storage site any time of day without the need of a local storage device.

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