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​​​Residential Life Safety

Fire can be deadly and its damages to your home can be devastating. Trust Chubb Edwards to address your fire and life safety needs. We provide you with a complete fire safety solution, from smoke alarms to carbon monoxide detectors and strobes, to secure your most important assets—your family and home.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Features

Monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors ensure that emergencies receive immediate response—even when you’re not home. Our fire detection and alarm monitoring solutions mean that your home can be safeguarded every day of the year, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Extra Measures of Defense

Beyond the addition of detection of fire and its by-products, your life safety system can be enhanced to identify trouble conditions for flooding, moisture, extreme temperatures, freezer operation and more. Monitoring of these extended conditions is another way to build peace of mind through the expertise of Chubb Edwards.

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