Building Solutions | Chubb Edwards

Automation and integration.  Enhanced security.  Energy efficiency.  Proven innovation from Chubb Edwards is  available to support sustainable, environmentally-responsible solutions through advanced building management systems.
Your on-site security system can be transformed into the backbone of an integrated solution that controls cooling, heating, electricity and site safety.  Building controls can be automated such that temperature and lighting can be adjusted on a defined schedule or based on activity throughout the facility, with all systems coordinated through your alarm panel’s communication system. 
It’s a real path to reduced consumption and increased savings, whether you’re looking to implement building management in a large-scale office tower or a small-scale stand-alone facility.  If you have multiple locations, you can use the Chubbnet private network for  alarm signals and to centralize monitoring and control of HVAC and lighting.  A single Chubbnet connect will also support video services, further leveraging your monthly savings.
We’ve successfully implemented advanced building management with a number of our key Chubb Edwards clients.  As an example of the effectiveness of our building solutions approach, one Canadian institution has realized a 25% reduction in electricity consumption.  That’s a true saving and a real breakthrough for environmental sustainability.
Ask us for a free consultation. What we have done for others is available for you.