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​​​CCTV / Video Surveillance



A video surveillance system can often significantly reduce illegal and unwanted activity. Video surveillance, or closed circuit television (CCTV), uses one or more cameras to view and/or record activity in selected areas.  A video surveillance program can deliver:





  • ​​A record of events and incidents
  • ​​A deterrent to intruders, internal theft and vandals
  • Cost savings when compared to the use of security peronnel
  • Quick verification of signals from your alarm system

Beyond its role in enhancing security, video surveillance can also be employed for marketing studies, industrial process analysis and scientific research.


Digital Video Recording – Enhanced Surveillance, Enhanced Security
Digital video recording stores images captured by cameras on a computer hard drive. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) provides advanced search and event retrieval functions, optimal image quality that will not degrade, the ability to record during playback, and long life through a minimal number of mechanical components.  In addition, a DVR allows access to recorded images from anywhere in the world through a secured network, internet or dial-up connection.

IP-based recording systems, using network video recorders (NVR), allow the integration of megapixel cameras into a video system to provide more detail in recorded images. Intelligent motion detection and video analytics can also be added to the system.

Video surveillance can also be integrated with new or existing intrusion and access systems to provide a complete package. Video verification can be added to enhance the system as well.

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