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​​​Remote Video Monitoring / Video Verification

Remote Video Monitoring Services from Chubb Edwards offers real-time video and audio communication and allows accurate information to assist in responding to authorities. Specially trained operators, through live interaction, can intervene in the event of an emergency.

A large percentage of triggered alarm signals are ultimately deemed to be false alarms. Police associations across Canada are very vocal about the burden false alarms place on their limited resources. Users of security systems are subject to rising fines for frequent or repeated false alarm activity.

Chubb Edwards can verify your alarm signal through video verification. Video Verification is a service available through our monitoring centres in Canada. When our operators receive an alarm signal from a video verification subscriber, they can immediately access recorded and live video to evaluate what is really happening at the affected location. Police are contacted only when the alarm activity has been determined to be a real security event. As a verified alarm, authorities will typically assign higher priority to the associated dispatch. Response is based on your pre-determined instructions.

Benefits available to video verification customers include:

  • Reduced false alarm expense by eliminating non-essential dispatches of authorities

  • Expedited response to verified alarm activity
  • Reduce guard patrol costs
  • Customized voice downs and maintain contact until help arrives
  • Provide assistance for ABM's kiosks and gates
  • Eliminate response to non-emergency events

Virtual Guard Tours

We can conduct tours of your facility during working hours to ensure a safe and productive working environment, or after hours to ensure your business is secured. We make sure employees are doing what they should be doing. We can make periodic visits to your site to make sure the facility is secure. Tours can be done on a schedule or randomly. We can customize the tours to meet your specific needs.