​​​Vertical Markets

Chubb Edwards leverages the fire and security expertise accumulated through decades of experience in the Canadian marketplace to deliver proven approaches to a wide spectrum of life safety requirements. We understand the unique needs across the varied applications and industries in Canada. We have a portfolio of proven techniques and practices for optimal system performance and value delivery. Among the vertical markets in our solution portfolio are:

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Chubb Edwards' proven solutions for airports use a systems-integration, network-based approach to fire, intrusion, access control and video surveillance. Innovative technologies addressing biometrics, video analytics, smart cards and database synchronization are available to supplement normal standards for enhanced defense in critical areas.

Our integrated approach coordinates system devices for maximum effectiveness in real-time situations. For example, an alarm event can lock down pre-defined entry/exit points while automatically directing cameras to collect digital video recordings of activity in the area. The integrated platform also yields ease of use, reduced training, standardization and other  factors  to  increase  return  on   your spending.

Commercial and Industrial

Each commercial / industrial establishment presents unique requirements and challenges in the implementation of an effective security & life safety solution. Through our long-standing history as a leading provider of security and life safety systems across Canada, we have a comprehensive understanding of how to best address your  specific  needs.  Whether  that  relates  to    new construction or retrofit, standalone or multi-tenant occupancy.


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Construction & Engineering
Today’s construction environment presents new and heightened challenges for industry participants. Builders and engineers face pressure and obstacles relating to intensified timeline demands from clients, budget restrictions in volatile economic environments, continual regulatory and legislative changes, escalating safety requirements and an unparalleled customer expectation related to quality.

Chubb Edwards offers an advanced portfolio of security and life safety solutions that can help you in accommodating all of these competing priorities. We help you establish and grow your competitive advantage. Every day, we help make complex fire and security requirements simple, for construction and engineering firms across Canada.

Telecom, IT and Data Centres
Information technology continues to grow as a major driver of the Canadian economy. We understand the unique requirements associated with data centres and their central requirement to sustain operations.


Data centres are critical to business continuity and require special consideration in the design of a comprehensive and appropriate fire and security solution. We offer proven practices built through decades of experience in addressing the security and life safety needs of data centres. Our solutions focus on integration of system components to enhance performance and simplify operation.

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We provide School Boards, Colleges and Universities with a single point of contact in designing and implementing comprehensive fire & security solutions. Beyond the enhancement of student, staff and visitor safety, solutions from Chubb Edwards provide deterrence of violent incidents, theft and vandalism, and a cost effective integrated platform that can be expanded and scaled to meet the needs of tomorrow. 

Our expertise with mass notification systems is available to facilitate your management of emergency situations. As well, Chubb Edwards offers a full selection of integrated communication solutions to assist in creating an optimal learning environment.

Banks and Credit Unions
Our in-depth understanding of the fire & security needs of banks and credit unions is based on years and years of service to the financial community both in Canada and around the world. We introduced the first alarm system for safes, helped set ULC standards for vault alarm systems and have long been at the forefront of fire and security technology.

Our leadership position has been furthered through expertise and innovation in integrated digital video recording / CCTV systems. Chubb Edwards solutions are capable of capturing and transmitting high quality images over telephone lines, computer networks (LAN or WAN), or secure internet connection to a central site for investigative purposes.

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Governing bodies must provide a safe and secure environment for the businesses and residents in its jurisdiction. In addition, governments must secure their own personnel and often highly-sensitive facilities. With decades of experience in projects of varying scope and complexity, Chubb Edwards has a proven ability to deliver solutions that work for both community safety and security of government buildings. Our solutions focus on integration of system components to enhance performance and simplify operation. That yields fire, security and even mass notification systems that can work together for enhanced performance and simplified user operation.

We provide Healthcare facilities with decades of experience and insight in developing and implementing comprehensive fire, security solutions and integrated communication. Systems from Chubb Edwards deliver enhanced safety for patients, staff and visitors, deterrence against theft and vandalism, and an expandable/scalable platform to preserve today’s investment as future needs evolve.
In addition, an integrated solution from Chubb Edwards can address:




  • ​​Wandering patient and infant abduction systems for enhanced security in higher risk situations
  • Advanced nursecall and wireless phone system for improved communication and response
  • Integrated system management for reduced administration in an environment of shrinking budgets
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Operators of leisure and hospitality facilities face unique challenges in creating safe and secure environments for guests and staff. Chubb Edwards has developed and implemented advanced solutions for many years, yielding a portfolio of best practices that you can leverage.

Integrated security and life safety solutions from Chubb Edwards enable you to focus on delivering outstanding service to guests with the knowledge that all are safe and secure. Focus on our technology helps those in the hospitality industry to optimize fire and security spending through comprehensive, efficient and effective solutions.

Chubb Edwards understands the unique challenges that manufacturers face and can limit your vulnerability to many risks. We provide lab, factory and manufacturing plant solutions to improve the security, life safety and productivity of your most challenging environments. In addition to fire detection and alarm, systems can be specifically designed to limit access to restricted areas, prevent theft and record violators. These systems also function beyond security to monitor the safety of employees and ensure compliance with procedures. Further value can be realized by utilizing these systems to view critical processes and operations to improve efficiency.

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Oil & Gas
We have developed numerous best practices for securing leases and facilities for the oil and gas / hydrocarbon recovery industry. Our innovative solutions address requirements for perimeter defense, building interior security, and defense of plant/compressor station equipment, wellheads, pump jacks, doghouses, tool cribs, etc.

Chubb Edwards provides industry participants with a single point of contact for comprehensive cost effective security and life safety solutions. Integrated systems from Chubb Edwards can address fire alarms, intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance, integrated to maximize ease of use.

Property Management
Across Canada, thousands of building and property owners, managers and management companies rely on Chubb Edwards to optimally address their security requirements. We deliver proven practices to property management companies through fire systems, video surveillance, security systems, information management tools and building management solutions. From integrated fire and security systems for commercial, industrial and warehouse spaces to solutions that meet today's complex multi-tenant requirements, our integrated solutions are customized to meet your needs.
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Inventory loss and shrinkage cost the retail industry billions each year. These losses erode already thin margins, increasing the importance of any investment in fire and security solutions. Effective security must address and coordinate alarm functionality, access control, video surveillance and more. The choice of the right fire and security solution is essential.
Chubb Edwards has a comprehensive advanced portfolio of fire & security products and services for retailers of all sizes. Our expertise and insight is the result of decades of experience in serving prestigious Canadian retailers.

​Small - Medium Enterprise
Small - medium business operators can face an overwhelming set of challenges. Chubb Edwards can help you by creating a safe and secure environment tailored to your needs. We can provide an assessment of your site and help identify where you may be most susceptible. We then offer proven solutions to maximize the return on your fire and security spend.

From burglar alarms and access control to fire systems and digital video recorders, Chubb Edwards' products and services let you choose the solutions that are right for you. We are uniquely positioned to deliver performance expertise and system integration.

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Transportation and logistics in Canada can be complex. Chubb Edwards understands the challenges facing carriers and warehousing providers. We have the resources and experience to effectively identify security and life safety risks along your supply chain and develop structured solutions to address them.

As a freight and transportation company, you require a fire and security provider who knows how to proactively secure your distribution centres, warehousing facilities and fleet. We have the right tools and experience to help preserve and secure the product you transport every day.

Today, continuity considerations are critical in the effective management of utilities. Without properly addressing security and life safety requirements, theft, vandalism and tampering can present significant threats. Inadequate site safety and security can heighten litigation exposure as well as risks associated with acts of terrorism. Choosing the right fire and security solution is essential.

Chubb Edwards offers decades of experience in addressing the life safety and security requirements of utilities. Our solution feature integration...simplification through coordinating the operation of fire panels, intrusion, access control systems and video surveillance systems.