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​​​IP Monitoring



Chubb Edwards' IP-based high-security monitoring solutions are built upon decades of experience in transmitting critical information across networks. Your home or business can be monitored through the internet or our private network "Chubbnet", providing you the fastest mode of communication between your alarm system to our ULC-listed (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) monitoring station.


IP monitoring is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to optimize your alarm signal transmission. Our internet module grants constant, encrypted connectivity between your system and our monitoring centre. Constant polling ensures that your system is running smoothly and meet ULC's highest standards.


Internet monitoring also provides you with additional peace of mind as it can be added as a primary communication method to your existing system. If your primary method of communication disconnects, we'll continue monitoring through your chosen back-up method which could be a landline or cellular connection.



Businesses rely on their networks to maintain fast, secure and reliable communications wherever their offices are located. These networks carry vast amounts of data that are critical to the efficiency and profitability of the day to day business operations.


With the heightened awareness of network security needs, many businesses are reluctant to add anything to their networks that could impede productivity or increase network maintenance for an already burdened I.T. staff. Services such as video surveillance, intrusion alarm transmission or building maintenance systems are examples of this.


To respond to this concern and mitigate your risk, Chubb Edwards offers Chubbnet, a private network designed for security applications that is separate from your business network. Chubbnet provides a reliable, cost effective way to communicate security information from remote sites to our alarm monitoring centres and/or an enterprise security management location. Our solutions are scalable and flexible, offering wireless cellular or ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) solutions for video, intrusion or data transmission.


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