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ChubbConnect, powered by, allows you to engage with your automation and security system in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. The ChubbConnect GSM module is your gateway to wirelessly interact with Simon XT, XTi, NX, Concord 4 and a variety of other security systems. 


Here are some examples:

Using a web browser, smart phone or other mobile device, ChubbConnect gives you the ability to arm/disarm and receive email text messages for system conditions such as alarms, arming and disarming notifications and non-alarm events.

Using ChubbConnect Video and your broadband internet connection, you view live and recorded video without the need of a DVR. ChubbConnect Video does not require a security panel; it is independent.


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Would you like to control lighting and door locks remotely? Wouldn’t it be nice to warm up the house or cottage before you arrive? ChubbConnect makes it happen with emPowerTM add-ons, and you can do this all from the same interface.





  • ​​Crash & Smash Technology: an exclusive feature that will still communicate an entry delay; dialer delay or alarm dialing process in the event of a tampered panel.
  • ​​Competitive pricing based on a choice among interactive options.
  • Full signal forwarding (primary) in all available options. VOIP is not an issue.
  • Remote user management including: arming/disarming; code management; searchable 60 day history; multiple permission based logins; multiple partition support on compatible panels; email and text notification for alarms, system events like tampers; no-show alerts; arming reminders and more.
  • Comprehensive interactive plans that can be augmented. There is no extra cost to send low temperature, smoke or carbon monoxide signals. Features like Z-Wave power and lighting control, thermostats and remote door lock control can be added to any package.
  • Geo-Services: included with Essentials and Plus, you can get GPS based arming reminders on your iPhone or Android smart phone whenever you leave a defined geo-fence radius (e.g. 1 KM from home) or arrive at another fence (e.g. Office) and you forget to arm the system.
  • Feature Usage Bar: This tells you how much of your interactive plan your have currently used so you can get the most value for your dollar.



Except for video, ChubbConnect does not rely on any particular Internet Service Provider and, unlike an internet router, the GSM radio is backed up in case of a power failure and remains fully functional.

For more information, please call 800-668-2482 or email

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