Monitoring Centre and Customer Care

Providing our customers with efficient alarm response requires more than reliable technologies. The most valuable component of our monitoring service are the highly trained people who respond to and process the alarm events. Chubb Edwards employs dedicated alarm centre staff to ensure alarm, account data and customer follow-up are part of a consistent monitoring program.

Chubb Edwards Monitoring Centres provide 24-hour-a-day fully staffed monitoring for all types of alarm systems, and are approved as such by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. Here, alarm signals from banks, offices, warehouses, plants, retail stores, and residences are received via dedicated signal channels or standard telephone lines. Each signal is encoded as to the type of emergency (intrusion, personal emergency / hold-up, fire, sprinkler system, etc.) enabling the Centre to instantly notify the proper authorities, be they the police, fire department, a Chubb Edwards service technician or other designated party on a 24-hour-a-day basis.